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What are the Signs that You have Rodents in Birmingham, AL? Are Rats Harder to Get Rid of than Mice?

Do you have rats or mice attempting to co-exist with you in your home? It’s a bone chilling thought; and often a common misconception that homes that are well maintained and properly cared for are immune from infestations of mice or rats. The truth is that any residential property or commercial business can become home to these unwanted intruders at any time. While you may not always see them, they do leave behind some tell-tale signs of their occupancy; some of these signs are immediately obvious while others are much more subtle. The experts at Remedy Pest Control have provided the following information to help you determine if you have a rodent problem within your home or business.

How Can You Tell if a House has Mice or Rats?

• Droppings: Rat droppings are generally black shiny and blunt looking at both ends, size varies from ½ to ¾ of an inch in length. Mice droppings on the other hand are smooth, with pointy ends and generally ¼ of inch in length or shorter.
• Check areas along baseboards and food sources for the tell-tale signs of track and tail trails: If you see smear marks along your baseboards, these are most often caused by grease and dirt on the rodent’s fur.
• Check to see if the wood has been gnawed along building materials: Tooth marks that are approximately 1/8 of an inch long typically indicate rats; small marks that look like scratches generally indicate mice.
• Have you noticed a heavy odor that smells musky in certain areas of your home? Both mice and rats have a strong and unpleasant odor

Are Rats Harder to Get Rid of than Mice?

The knowledgeable experts at Remedy Pest Control understand that for most people it really doesn’t matter if its mice or rats that are making nests in the basement or attic of their homes. After all they are unwanted guests that they just want to see gone for good. To a layperson, rats pretty much look the same as mice but both rats and mice can be completely different creatures in terms of behavior for example, did you know that rats and mice will rarely occupy the same living space at the same time? Other interesting facts about rats and mice include:
• Both mice and rats will forage for food but mice prefer plants and cereal grains while rats prefer almost any grains and will even eat meat.
• On average, a mouse can give birth to up to 60 young per year. Those young can begin to reproduce within as little as six weeks of age. Rats on the other hand can give birth to up to 70 babies per year who will begin to reproduce at 12 weeks of age. Rodents multiply quickly so it’s extremely important to contact Remedy Pest Control as soon as you suspect that you have a rodent problem.
• Mice can live up to one year; rats can live for as long as one and a half years.
• Rats are excellent swimmers unlike mice who avoid large bodies of water.
• A mouse can slip through a hole as tiny as the width of a small fingernail. Rats can squeeze through a space the size of a quarter.
• Mice are colorblind and rely on their sense of smell, hearing and taste to compensate for what they may not see.
• Mice are typically easier to trap than rats as they are more apt to explore new places. Rats are more cautious, taking longer to trap. Their differences will also determine how Remedy Pest Control gets rid of them from your home.

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The thought of mice or rats within your home is disturbing enough but even worse is the fact that both rodents have the capacity to spread illness and disease. If you suspect that you have a rodent problem within your home contact the professionals at Remedy Pest Control to arrange for a comprehensive rodent removal and treatment plan.

Raccoon in My Attic in Birmingham, AL? Do Raccoons Come Out in the Winter & How to Keep Wildlife Away!

In most cases, raccoons don’t pose much of a problem during the winter. In fact, raccoons are rarely seen during the cold weather season. However, even though it may be rare to see them, it is not unheard of to have raccoons rummaging around your home even during the coldest parts of winter. Some ask why they still have raccoons in the yard, or even worse, causing serious damage to their home in the hope they can move in. Remedy Pest Control will share why raccoons might still pose a nuisance even in the winter time.

Raccoon in My Attic this Winter?

Raccoons are the most active during the spring, summer and fall seasons but do try to overwinter in homes during winter. Quite often they are seen rummaging around homes and other urban areas looking for food and shelter. Raccoons tirelessly look for food in order to store enough fat to survive winter. As winter approaches, they will enter into a long sleep called Carnivorean Lethargy. This isn’t a true hibernation but more of a deep sleep in which they do awaken a few times during the winter. When raccoons awaken, they will first look for food, and if needed, a safer, warmer place to spend the rest of the winter season. Because raccoons don’t go into full hibernation, they actually can prove to be a year-round nuisance. During the winter the raccoons waken at random times. Some of them find that during the cold of winter, their original home sometimes gets too cold or damaged. If so, they will look for a warmer and better shelter. Often the roof or our homes get damaged from raccoons chewing on or scratching holes in them to get inside attic spaces. Other property damage can also occur if the raccoon’s need food or shelter is great. This is why you will want to be prepared with some form of raccoon control all year.

How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your House, Deck & Garden

Where you never know when a raccoon will awaken or invade your home or property, you will want to develop or maintain good habits, such as keeping trash cans sealed. Raccoons are strong enough to push or crawl inside trash cans when looking for food. This doesn’t just cause a mess but will ensure future visits from other raccoons. Keep your trash out of the raccoon’s reach and avoid taking the trash out the night before. Instead, take the trash out the morning of pick up. Also avoid leaving pet food bowls outside. You may be trying to keep your pets fed and watered, but you’re also feeding raccoons at the same time if you leave the bowls out at all times. You can also install motion sensor lights to help scare raccoons off and also alert you to their intrusion. Some will use live capture traps if raccoons continue to pose a problem. You can contact a pest control company to assist in wildlife control. They will help capture and remove the captured raccoon. When raccoons become a problem in winter, it is because they are hungry and looking for food or a better place to hide out the rest of winter. Raccoons are often found in sheds, garages, or attics during the winter season.

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If you have a raccoon problem this winter, contact Remedy Pest Control. We provide wildlife control services and can help prevent your home from becoming a raccoon’s winter shelter. Contact Remedy Pest Control for all of your pest control needs.

Scorpions Myths in Birmingham, AL; Is a Baby Scorpion Sting More Venomous & More

As people talk about any topic regularly sometimes the “facts” seem to get a little mixed up.  Before you know it these “facts” spread from rapidly from one person to the next and simply believed without any research being done.  This is how incorrect information is spread on a regular basis.  There are some pests that seem to get talked about more than others.  The more that these pests are talked about, the more that “facts” are spread that are simply not true.  Today Remedy Pest Control is here to bust some of the most common myths that people believe about scorpions.

Are Scorpions Aggressive?

One of the most commonly shared myths about scorpions is that they are aggressive insects.  Due to their belief in the truth of this statement, when people see scorpions they panic try to get away from them as soon as possible.  The good news is that this is actually not true!  Scorpions are actually more afraid of you than you are of them.  They actually only sting humans if they feel threatened.  Many times getting stepped on is what makes scorpions sting humans nearby. 

Are Scorpions Deadly?

Our second myth is one more reason that people try to get away from scorpions as fast as possible when they see them.  It is widely believed that scorpion stings are deadly.  You will be relieved to discover that scorpion stings are not deadly to humans.  When scorpions sting they do release a venom into their prey.  The sting may hurt but under normal circumstances it is not deadly.  If you are allergic to their venom and do not receive care promptly it could lead to death but this is not a frequent occurrence.  Statistics show that less than 5% of scorpion stings require medical attention.

Is a Baby Scorpion Sting More Venomous?

The third myth that we are going to debunk is interesting because there are actually two opposing myths that are spread on this topic.  Some people believe that venom from baby scorpions is more harmful than venom from any other type of scorpion.  Others believe that the larger the scorpion is the more harmful their venom is.  Neither of these statements are true.  The truth is that the venom from smaller species of scorpions are more harmful than other types of scorpion venom. 

Where are Scorpion Infestations Found?

Last on our list today is the false belief that scorpions are only found in new neighborhoods or areas surrounded by desert.  It is true that scorpions may be found more frequently in these areas, that is not the only place they are found.  Scorpion infestations are actually also commonly found in older neighborhoods.  Scorpions that have made a nest in older homes are quite established and have a large number of scorpions living in the nest.  When scorpions are found in newer homes there are not as many scorpions found. 

Scorpion Inspections, Control & More in Bessemer & Greater Birmingham, AL | Serving Jefferson, St. Clair & Shelby Counties, Alabama

Hopefully you have learned something new about scorpions today.  Here at Remedy Pest Control our goal is to help educate our customers about all sorts of different insects and rodents.  If you have scorpions on your property give us a call today and we will help you get rid of them.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

If you are wondering whether mice and rats are dangerous, our answer at Remedy Pest Control is a resounding YES! Rodents like mice and rats are definitely not the kind of guests that you want staying with you for the winter. Rodents are known for spreading serious diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis to name just a few. They can also spread harmful fleas and ticks to your family and pets, in addition to causing significant structural damage to your home or business. Mice and rodents have actually been the cause for many home and office electrical fires as they love to chew through wiring and completely destroy your insulation. If you even suspect you might have mice and rats in your home, you should call Remedy Pest Control right away! If you are not sure whether or not these pests have taken up residence in your home or business, here are some helpful tips to help you recognize a rodent problem:
• Mouse and rat droppings. This is a definitive sign that rodents are in your premises. Droppings look like dark brown or black grains or rice. You will generally find them in drawers, cupboards and under the sink. You can also often find them in food sources that the rodents have been eating.
• Smear marks along walls or baseboards. These smear marks occur when rodents use the same path over and over again and their fur rubs against the wall, leaving behind dirty, oily marks.
• Gnaw marks. These can be found on furniture, cardboard boxes, walls and even clothing. Rodent teeth never stop growing. Rodents therefore need to continuously gnaw their teeth on surfaces to keep their front incisors manageable.
• Sounds in your walls or in the attic during the nighttime. Scratching, squeaking and scampering noises all are telltale signs that you have some kind of pest infestation on your hands.

At the first sign of a rodent infestation, you must take action. Contacting a rodent control company like Remedy Pest Control is essential to eliminate these pests. Do-it-yourself techniques for rodent control can often be frustrating and ineffective. Remedy Pest Control starts with a consultation with the home or business owner and a thorough inspection. Our experienced technicians use their keen eye to help spot entry points and possible nesting sites, and then use a combination of traps and baits to be successful.Contact Remedy Pest Control today for more information.

No Vacancy

It is that time of the year that families are all planning their vacations.  What could be better? Well unfortunately there is another world that is also searching for vacation spots that usually become a permanent home. Yes, you guessed it, the wonderful diverse world of insects. Although our ecosystem is dependent on its diverse populations of living things, with the insect world we are way outnumbered; about 200 million to 1! Unless you have your home sealed tightly, while you are away having the time of your life, your home may be the party place for the neighborhoods’ pests.


The summer invaders are usually, roaches, ants, spiders, crickets and fleas if your home has a water source (even small constant puddles). With these pests come diseases that can and do affect all that live in the home. Keeping homes from becoming a ‘party house’, takes a team with the home owner being the leader. Making a list of all the areas to be checked can be an invaluable tool to help identify problem areas.


Outside areas; rat proof and weather proofing should be well maintained.  Are there old tires, boxes, wood piles or even overgrown shrubbery and gardens? These become a haven for the pests waiting in the wings for the opportunity to move into the big house. Check all windows, doors, chimneys, walls, porches, gutters and the foundation for areas with holes or cracks that will allow access to ‘home sweet home’.


Inside areas; inspect doors, windows and around plumbing (especially under sinks). Piles of magazines and boxes are a great place for insects to hide. Trash should be taken out regularly, food is not to be left on counters and dishes should be cleaned in a timely manner. Having many people living in one dwelling is also a problem if there is not sufficient space to keep belongings neat and tidy.


So remember to do your home check prior to vacationing, leaving that “No Vacancy” sign out for the pests that lay in wait. There is only one thing worse that seeing a ‘no vacancy’ sign flashing after a long day of driving, and that is returning to your home to find that you have been invaded by new friends! Remedy Pest Control is only a call away from an inspection to help you keep a safe environment for you and your family.  From all of us, have a wonderful vacation.