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    Are Rodents Dangerous?

    If you are wondering whether mice and rats are dangerous, our answer at Remedy Pest Control is a resounding YES! Rodents like mice and rats are definitely not the kind of guests that you want staying with you for the winter. Rodents are known for spreading serious diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis to name just a few. They can also spread harmful fleas and ticks to your family and pets, in addition to causing significant structural damage to your home or business. Mice and rodents have actually been the cause for many home and office electrical fires as they love to chew through wiring and completely destroy your insulation. If you even suspect you might have mice and rats in your home, you should call Remedy Pest Control right away! If you are not sure whether or not these pests have taken up residence in your home or business, here are some helpful tips to help you recognize a rodent problem:
    • Mouse and rat droppings. This is a definitive sign that rodents are in your premises. Droppings look like dark brown or black grains or rice. You will generally find them in drawers, cupboards and under the sink. You can also often find them in food sources that the rodents have been eating.
    • Smear marks along walls or baseboards. These smear marks occur when rodents use the same path over and over again and their fur rubs against the wall, leaving behind dirty, oily marks.
    • Gnaw marks. These can be found on furniture, cardboard boxes, walls and even clothing. Rodent teeth never stop growing. Rodents therefore need to continuously gnaw their teeth on surfaces to keep their front incisors manageable.
    • Sounds in your walls or in the attic during the nighttime. Scratching, squeaking and scampering noises all are telltale signs that you have some kind of pest infestation on your hands.

    At the first sign of a rodent infestation, you must take action. Contacting a rodent control company like Remedy Pest Control is essential to eliminate these pests. Do-it-yourself techniques for rodent control can often be frustrating and ineffective. Remedy Pest Control starts with a consultation with the home or business owner and a thorough inspection. Our experienced technicians use their keen eye to help spot entry points and possible nesting sites, and then use a combination of traps and baits to be successful.Contact Remedy Pest Control today for more information.

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