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What are the Signs that You have Rodents in Birmingham, AL? Are Rats Harder to Get Rid of than Mice?

Do you have rats or mice attempting to co-exist with you in your home? It’s a bone chilling thought; and often a common misconception that homes that are well maintained and properly cared for are immune from infestations of mice or rats. The truth is that any residential property or commercial business can become home […]

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Raccoon in My Attic in Birmingham, AL? Do Raccoons Come Out in the Winter & How to Keep Wildlife Away!

In most cases, raccoons don’t pose much of a problem during the winter. In fact, raccoons are rarely seen during the cold weather season. However, even though it may be rare to see them, it is not unheard of to have raccoons rummaging around your home even during the coldest parts of winter. Some ask […]

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Scorpions Myths in Birmingham, AL; Is a Baby Scorpion Sting More Venomous & More

As people talk about any topic regularly sometimes the “facts” seem to get a little mixed up.  Before you know it these “facts” spread from rapidly from one person to the next and simply believed without any research being done.  This is how incorrect information is spread on a regular basis.  There are some pests […]

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Are Rodents Dangerous?

If you are wondering whether mice and rats are dangerous, our answer at Remedy Pest Control is a resounding YES! Rodents like mice and rats are definitely not the kind of guests that you want staying with you for the winter. Rodents are known for spreading serious diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis […]

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No Vacancy

It is that time of the year that families are all planning their vacations.  What could be better? Well unfortunately there is another world that is also searching for vacation spots that usually become a permanent home. Yes, you guessed it, the wonderful diverse world of insects. Although our ecosystem is dependent on its diverse […]

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