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    Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

    Bed bug infestations are a challenge to eliminate, this is why you need a skilled professional to get the job done. For over a decade Remedy Pest Control has been your ally when it comes to bed bugs and other pest infestations. We serve commercial and residential clients across Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. Remedy Pest Control is fully licensed and insured to perform bed bug control inspection and removal services. With our expertise and advanced equipment and products, you can have the confidence in our effective, top quality control services.

    Bed Bug Identification

    Being roughly the size of an apple side, bed bugs are small, and can be easily unnoticed. Their brown, flat, roundish bellies will swell and look engorged and will have a red hue after they have fed on the latest blood meal.

    How Do Bed Bugs Behave?

    Bed bugs are nocturnal. They feed while their host sleeps. However, if they are desperate for food, they will seek it out during the day. Generally, when their numbers are fewer, they hide along the bed and mattresses, but as they multiply, they spread out in the room and hide in conventional and even unorthodox locations.

    Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

    Bed bugs usually get picked up unknowingly, likely during travel, however, bed bugs can also hijack a person from trains, planes, busses, taxis, and any other public transportation. Signs of bed bugs include:
    – Sheets have rusty looking fecal stains.
    – Red welts that commonly burn, itch, swell.
    – Multiple bite marks on exposed skin.
    – Sheets and/or pajamas are spotted with blood stains.
    – Bed bug exoskeleton shells, or molted skin remnants. (They shed after each life cycle.)

    Bed Bug Inspections, Control & Removal Treatment in Bessemer & Greater Birmingham, AL | Serving Jefferson, St. Clair & Shelby Counties, Alabama

    At Remedy Pest Control, according to our training and experience, we can thoroughly inspect for bed bugs in your Greater Birmingham, Alabama home or business and administer effective control methods to ensure all bed bugs and viable eggs are eliminated. Call us to schedule a bed bug inspection at your first suspicion this blood sucking insect has infested your premises!

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