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    Raccoon in My Attic in Birmingham, AL? Do Raccoons Come Out in the Winter & How to Keep Wildlife Away!

    In most cases, raccoons don’t pose much of a problem during the winter. In fact, raccoons are rarely seen during the cold weather season. However, even though it may be rare to see them, it is not unheard of to have raccoons rummaging around your home even during the coldest parts of winter. Some ask why they still have raccoons in the yard, or even worse, causing serious damage to their home in the hope they can move in. Remedy Pest Control will share why raccoons might still pose a nuisance even in the winter time.

    Raccoon in My Attic this Winter?

    Raccoons are the most active during the spring, summer and fall seasons but do try to overwinter in homes during winter. Quite often they are seen rummaging around homes and other urban areas looking for food and shelter. Raccoons tirelessly look for food in order to store enough fat to survive winter. As winter approaches, they will enter into a long sleep called Carnivorean Lethargy. This isn’t a true hibernation but more of a deep sleep in which they do awaken a few times during the winter. When raccoons awaken, they will first look for food, and if needed, a safer, warmer place to spend the rest of the winter season. Because raccoons don’t go into full hibernation, they actually can prove to be a year-round nuisance. During the winter the raccoons waken at random times. Some of them find that during the cold of winter, their original home sometimes gets too cold or damaged. If so, they will look for a warmer and better shelter. Often the roof or our homes get damaged from raccoons chewing on or scratching holes in them to get inside attic spaces. Other property damage can also occur if the raccoon’s need food or shelter is great. This is why you will want to be prepared with some form of raccoon control all year.

    How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your House, Deck & Garden

    Where you never know when a raccoon will awaken or invade your home or property, you will want to develop or maintain good habits, such as keeping trash cans sealed. Raccoons are strong enough to push or crawl inside trash cans when looking for food. This doesn’t just cause a mess but will ensure future visits from other raccoons. Keep your trash out of the raccoon’s reach and avoid taking the trash out the night before. Instead, take the trash out the morning of pick up. Also avoid leaving pet food bowls outside. You may be trying to keep your pets fed and watered, but you’re also feeding raccoons at the same time if you leave the bowls out at all times. You can also install motion sensor lights to help scare raccoons off and also alert you to their intrusion. Some will use live capture traps if raccoons continue to pose a problem. You can contact a pest control company to assist in wildlife control. They will help capture and remove the captured raccoon. When raccoons become a problem in winter, it is because they are hungry and looking for food or a better place to hide out the rest of winter. Raccoons are often found in sheds, garages, or attics during the winter season.

    Wildlife Inspections, Control & More in Bessemer & Greater Birmingham, AL | Serving Jefferson, St. Clair & Shelby Counties, Alabama

    If you have a raccoon problem this winter, contact Remedy Pest Control. We provide wildlife control services and can help prevent your home from becoming a raccoon’s winter shelter. Contact Remedy Pest Control for all of your pest control needs.

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