Monthly Archives: August 2013

No Vacancy

It is that time of the year that families are all planning their vacations.  What could be better? Well unfortunately there is another world that is also searching for vacation spots that usually become a permanent home. Yes, you guessed it, the wonderful diverse world of insects. Although our ecosystem is dependent on its diverse populations of living things, with the insect world we are way outnumbered; about 200 million to 1! Unless you have your home sealed tightly, while you are away having the time of your life, your home may be the party place for the neighborhoods’ pests.


The summer invaders are usually, roaches, ants, spiders, crickets and fleas if your home has a water source (even small constant puddles). With these pests come diseases that can and do affect all that live in the home. Keeping homes from becoming a ‘party house’, takes a team with the home owner being the leader. Making a list of all the areas to be checked can be an invaluable tool to help identify problem areas.


Outside areas; rat proof and weather proofing should be well maintained.  Are there old tires, boxes, wood piles or even overgrown shrubbery and gardens? These become a haven for the pests waiting in the wings for the opportunity to move into the big house. Check all windows, doors, chimneys, walls, porches, gutters and the foundation for areas with holes or cracks that will allow access to ‘home sweet home’.


Inside areas; inspect doors, windows and around plumbing (especially under sinks). Piles of magazines and boxes are a great place for insects to hide. Trash should be taken out regularly, food is not to be left on counters and dishes should be cleaned in a timely manner. Having many people living in one dwelling is also a problem if there is not sufficient space to keep belongings neat and tidy.


So remember to do your home check prior to vacationing, leaving that “No Vacancy” sign out for the pests that lay in wait. There is only one thing worse that seeing a ‘no vacancy’ sign flashing after a long day of driving, and that is returning to your home to find that you have been invaded by new friends! Remedy Pest Control is only a call away from an inspection to help you keep a safe environment for you and your family.  From all of us, have a wonderful vacation.