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    Scorpions Myths in Birmingham, AL; Is a Baby Scorpion Sting More Venomous & More

    As people talk about any topic regularly sometimes the “facts” seem to get a little mixed up.  Before you know it these “facts” spread from rapidly from one person to the next and simply believed without any research being done.  This is how incorrect information is spread on a regular basis.  There are some pests that seem to get talked about more than others.  The more that these pests are talked about, the more that “facts” are spread that are simply not true.  Today Remedy Pest Control is here to bust some of the most common myths that people believe about scorpions.

    Are Scorpions Aggressive?

    One of the most commonly shared myths about scorpions is that they are aggressive insects.  Due to their belief in the truth of this statement, when people see scorpions they panic try to get away from them as soon as possible.  The good news is that this is actually not true!  Scorpions are actually more afraid of you than you are of them.  They actually only sting humans if they feel threatened.  Many times getting stepped on is what makes scorpions sting humans nearby. 

    Are Scorpions Deadly?

    Our second myth is one more reason that people try to get away from scorpions as fast as possible when they see them.  It is widely believed that scorpion stings are deadly.  You will be relieved to discover that scorpion stings are not deadly to humans.  When scorpions sting they do release a venom into their prey.  The sting may hurt but under normal circumstances it is not deadly.  If you are allergic to their venom and do not receive care promptly it could lead to death but this is not a frequent occurrence.  Statistics show that less than 5% of scorpion stings require medical attention.

    Is a Baby Scorpion Sting More Venomous?

    The third myth that we are going to debunk is interesting because there are actually two opposing myths that are spread on this topic.  Some people believe that venom from baby scorpions is more harmful than venom from any other type of scorpion.  Others believe that the larger the scorpion is the more harmful their venom is.  Neither of these statements are true.  The truth is that the venom from smaller species of scorpions are more harmful than other types of scorpion venom. 

    Where are Scorpion Infestations Found?

    Last on our list today is the false belief that scorpions are only found in new neighborhoods or areas surrounded by desert.  It is true that scorpions may be found more frequently in these areas, that is not the only place they are found.  Scorpion infestations are actually also commonly found in older neighborhoods.  Scorpions that have made a nest in older homes are quite established and have a large number of scorpions living in the nest.  When scorpions are found in newer homes there are not as many scorpions found. 

    Scorpion Inspections, Control & More in Bessemer & Greater Birmingham, AL | Serving Jefferson, St. Clair & Shelby Counties, Alabama

    Hopefully you have learned something new about scorpions today.  Here at Remedy Pest Control our goal is to help educate our customers about all sorts of different insects and rodents.  If you have scorpions on your property give us a call today and we will help you get rid of them.

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