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    Remedy Pest Control offers Household and Business Insect & Pest Control including the following in the Greater Birmingham and Bessemer, Alabama areas:

    cockroach control: In Birmingham & Bessemer, Alabama, the German cockroach, commonly an indoor kitchen roach, is found in the area. It is among the smaller species, light brown, has wings, but does not fly. The area is known to have American cockroaches, they are one of the largest species of roaches and can get up to 3 inches in length. American roaches are reddish brown in color and feature a yellow band behind their head, they also have wings and do fly, but do so awkwardly. Brown Banded cockroach is found in here as well. Females are usually dark brown where males are a light brown color. These roaches are relatively small, but unlike other species, they prefer dryer places. Also, Oriental Cockroaches are common and are highly dependent of water sources. These roaches are black to dark brown in color and are shiny.
    ant control: Remedy Pest Control treats a wide range of ants in the Greater Birmingham & Bessemer, Alabama area. The most common species in the area are the Fire Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Crazy Ant, Odorous Ant, Dark Rover Ant, Pavement Ant, Argentine Ant, and several others. Ants can be very challenging to remove due to their habits and social structure as well as colony size. If you are having a problem with ants, you need professional assistance.
    flea control
    tick control: Blacklegged Deer Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, American Dog Ticks, and Brown Dog Ticks are commonly found in Birmingham & Bessemer, Alabama, and both fleas and ticks can spread diseases to both your pets and your family.
    cricket control
    spider control: Where there are many types of spiders in the Greater in Birmingham & Bessemer, AL Area, black widows and the brown recluse spiders are the venomous spiders that need professional elimination to protect your family.
    scorpion control
    snake control
    mice and rodent control
    bed bug control
    termite control
    mosquito control
    wildlife control (raccoons, possums, squirrels, bats, birds)
    wasp, hornets, yellow jackets removal etc
    – And Much More !

    Call Remedy Pest Control for your pest control needs in Birmingham & Bessemer, AL and surrounding areas.

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    • Snake Control – call us for all of your Birmingham snake control in both urban and rural areas.
    • Household Insect Control – including cockroach control, ant control, flea control, cricket control, spider control etc.
    • Mice and Rodent Control – including exclusion & trapping, remediation and follow up.